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The Future of Water Heaters Is Now

Most homes and businesses are built with a traditional water heater that uses a multi-gallon tank to heat and store hot water. While this system has been trusted for decades, it is officially out-of-date thanks to modern day tankless water heaters. If you are tired of your home running out of hot water, or if you just want to upgrade your home’s plumbing system, call (815) 402-3856 to talk to Expert Plumbing Service. about getting a new Joliet tankless water heater installed! We can also repair your current tankless water heater if needed.

We offer our plumbing services to the people of Joliet, New Lenox, and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Unlike a traditional water heater, a tankless water heater has no tank, as the name states. In order to provide your home with hot water, it superheats water on demand as it flows through the systems pipework. This system is incredibly efficient, and allows you to enjoy numerous benefits that you don’t get from tanked water heaters.

The top advantages of tankless water heaters are:

  • “Unlimited” hot water: Since a tankless water heater superheats water on demand, it will not run out of hot water unless the water source itself runs dry. You effectively have unlimited hot water at each hot water tap in your home, making it an ideal choice for large families and many commercial industries.
  • Cost efficiency: Traditional water heaters use a lot of water and gas or electricity to keep the tank full and heated. The improved design of tankless water heaters cuts way back on utility demands, which should noticeably lower your monthly bills.
  • Smaller size: Tankless water heaters can be easily installed in even small spaces due to their compact, space-saving design. No more giant water heater tank in your garage, basement, or utility room.
  • Less maintenance: The advanced components of a tankless water heater are made to last. On the other hand, a water heater tank in a typical system can start to collect minerals and corrode due to constant water storage. With a tankless system, you can expect less frequent maintenance requirements.
  • Increased home value: Modernizing your property is a great way to increase its value. When you install a tankless water heater, you should be able to predict that your home’s overall value will rise, in case you decide to sell or rent it later.

The only downside to a tankless water heater is that they tend to be more expensive upfront when compared to traditional water heaters. However, since they typically need less maintenance and require less energy than other water heaters, the savings should eventually cancel out those higher upfront costs. Also, you may qualify for special financing options if you get a new product and installation from our New Lenox and Joliet tankless water heater plumbers.

For tankless water heater installations or repairs from our team of Joliet plumbing technicians, call (815) 402-3856 or contact us online!

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