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Avoiding Unpleasant Surprises in Your Sewer System

Many homeowners prefer not to think about their sewer system. However, when your sewer is left untended, your sewer pipes and drains can cause serious problems to your property and neighborhood. Your sewer system impacts more than just your home appliances. It can also poison groundwater and spread bacteria to humans and wildlife in the area. That is why it is essential to keep your New Lenox sewer system running well.

Watch for these signs that your sewer system needs repair or replacement:

  • Water and sewage are backing up into your home
  • Sinks, tubs, and showers drain slowly
  • Unusual gurgling in the plumbing system
  • Bad sewer odors
  • Algal blooms in nearby ponds or lakes

Your sewer system needs regular maintenance from a New Lenox plumbing expert. Proper inspection and repair can keep your sewer lines and system reliability for many years. If it has been awhile since you’ve had your sewer system serviced, don’t put it off anymore. Avoid unpleasant surprises by contacting Expert Plumbing Service, Inc. today. In addition to annual maintenance, we offer sewer relining, trenchless sewer repair, and ejector pump installation and maintenance.

Don’t let your sewer system suffer from neglect. Contact us for a Joliet sewer services appointment at (815) 402-3856. 

When Does A Sewer System Need Replacement?

Like any mechanical system, your sewer has a limited operational lifetime. At some point, you will need to replace your sewer system. Your drain field can become clogged with grease, solids, sludge and scum, requiring a new one. You may also eventually need to replace the sewer lines due to common wear and tear, leaks, or cracks.

Fortunately, there are many options for wastewater treatment and drainage. At Expert Plumbing Service, Inc. we provide you with all your options and help you choose a solution that fits your budget and needs. We provide excellent customer service and all of our labor and material is guaranteed. Don’t let your sewer system become a dangerous, smelly problem that poisons the neighborhood.

With proper maintenance, your sewer system can last many years. Contact us for a Joliet sewer services appointment today at (815) 402-3856. 24/7 emergency service available.

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