Garbage Disposal Repair in Joliet

Is Your Garbage Disposal up to the Job?

At Expert Plumbing Service, we know a garbage disposal is an incredibly convenient kitchen workhorse. It keeps your home more sanitary, reduces landfill waste, and helps protect the environment. If you throw your food waste in a garbage bag, you may attract insects, rats, raccoons, and more. A garbage disposal helps you avoid these hazards.

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Does My Garbage Disposal Need a Repair?

Keeping your garbage disposal in a safe working condition is an important part of keeping your home sanitary and clean. Knowing when to call our Joliet garbage disposal services to help with your garbage disposal is vital.

Signs Your In Need Of A Garbage Disposal Repair Service:

  • There’s a bad odor coming from the disposal - 
    Garbage disposal are meant to break up food that becomes small enough in order to pass through your drainage system. It's perfectly normal to smell what food your garbage disposal just broke up, but if the smell persists, it could be that your machine mane need an inspection and possible repair.
  • You hear a loud metal-on-metal noise when the disposal runs - 
    Garbage disposals are known for not being quiet. But, if you are hearing a horrible grinding noises, make sure you turn off the garbage disposal and inspect if possible silverware has gotten stuck in the machine. If the grinding persists, this could mean that their is a bigger problem and you should contact our expert Joliet garbage disposal services.
  • Water leaks from the disposal - 
    If you notice that your garbage disposal has been leaking water it could be that a seal needs to be replaced or it could be a bigger problem. It could also be that your disposal has developed a hold in the case itself as the wall wears down, the casing can crack.

You may be tempted to try a do-it-yourself fix, but that can be tricky. Your garbage disposal is composed of extremely sharp blades and it would be easy to hurt yourself or cause an electric shock from the power supply.

Daily Care of Your Garbage Disposal

It’s always best if you can avoid costly repairs to your garbage disposal. There are a variety of ways to ensure that your garbage disposal is running smoothly and prevent damage.

Tips To Keep In Mind:

  • Keep your garbage disposal clean and use it regularly to avoid rust and corrosion
  • Always run a full stream of cold water while grinding to keep the disposal from overheating helps the debris go down the drain more quickly
  • Don’t let debris sit in the disposal for a long time. Run it right away to avoid bacteria growth and clogs.
  • Never put your hand in the drain

Choose Our Team for Your Garbage Disposal Needs

If you find yourself dealing with faulty garbage disposals, call our professional Joliet garbage disposal services at Expert Plumbing Service. We have over three decades of experience and we provide options based on what suits your unique needs. With that much experience, you know that we also provide reliable water heater services. We offer financing options as well so your garbage disposal repairs are less likely to have a significant impact on your budget. Make sure to check out our testimonials!

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