Joliet Sump Pump Maintenance

Keeping Your Home Safe and Dry

The purpose of a sump pump is to divert water away from your home. As a result, your basement and crawlspaces stay dry and safe. If your sump pump stops working, you end up with flooding and subsequently, water damage to your home as well as mold and mildew growth. 

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What Does a Sump Pump Do?

Home builders install sump pumps in a pit in the lowest point of the basement. The size of the pump you need depends on the square footage of the drainage area and how much power is required to move water completely through the discharge piping.

Sump Pumps Protect Homes From A Variety Of Problems, Including:

  • Water overflow from major rainstorms or rapid snowmelt
  • Groundwater entering your basement through walls
  • The threat of mold and mildew from the dampness of the basement
  • Reduce the risk of fire caused by flooding around appliances

Keeping your sump pump in good repair is an important part of keeping your home guarded against the problems caused by water damage. Don’t put off regular Joliet plumbing maintenance. You never know when you will need your sump pump to work overtime! Below are a few of the major benefits of regular sump pump maintenance.

Benefits of Sump Pump Maintenance:

  • Flood Prevention -  
    By making sure your sump pump is regularly maintained will help keep and reduce your chances of basement flooding. A flooded basement can be hazardous and cleaning it up can be a hassle. But, with a well maintained sump pump, you won't have this problem.
  • It Saves You Money -  
    Sump pumps that you keep well maintained will benefit you financially as well. If your home experiences water damage, you'll need to repair the wood that's damaged as well as any paint or wallpaper. All of this can add up and cost you much more than a scheduled sump pump maintenance appointment.
  • Home Structure is Protected -  
    Sump pump maintenance can help ensure that your home's structure is protected as well. Water, over time, can soak into your home's foundation and create cracks or gaps that can flood your home's basement.

What Maintenance Does My Sump Pump Require?

You should check on your sump pump every couple of months to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Helpful Tips That You Can Follow:

  • Make sure that nothing is blocking the air vent
  • Check for any kind of debris in the pit
  • Confirm if the pump is connected correctly to the power supply

DIY Sump Pump Testing

You can also test your New Lenox sump pump by pouring some water into the pit. The float should move and the pump should turn on and drain the water. If these things do not occur, you should call our professional plumbers right away.

Invest in Our Annual Maintenance Services

On top of these visual inspections, you should also ask your plumber to perform annual maintenance service on your sump pump. At Expert Plumbing Service our team has over 30 years of experience solving plumbing issues. If we find any problems, we give you all the options and work with you to make the repair fit your needs and budget. Check out our 5-star reviews!

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