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Does Your Water Go Where It Should?

Drains are often out of sight and therefore people do not think about them very much. People assume that when water goes down a drain, it goes somewhere outside and is gone. That is how it’s supposed to work. However, when your drains and pipes are clogged, water doesn’t leave your home. It stays in pipes or leaks into other areas of the house. If you are dealing with a clogged drain in your home, you can count on the New Lenox plumbers at Expert Plumbing Service, Inc. for prompt, efficient service.

A festering clog can endanger your health and make your home unpleasant. Don’t ignore it–contact your Joliet plumbing expert today at (815) 402-3856!

What Happens When Your Drains Are Clogged?

  • Backed up water can breed bacteria
  • Odors will come from the clogged sink or toilet
  • Blockages can increase pressure in pipes causing leaks or flooding
  • Overlooked blocked drains and pipes can cause structural damage to a home

When to Call a Joliet Plumber for a Drain Clog

Many homeowners feel that a clogged drain is something that they should be able to handle on their own. However, many do-it-yourself fixes do more harm than good.

Problems With DIY Drain Cleaning in Joliet:

  • Chemicals: Using a chemical drain cleaning compound is a standard solution that homeowners use. Unfortunately, this causes additional damage to your drain and pipes. The solution is designed to eat through the clog, clearing the drain. However, the caustic compound is also eating away your pipes, weakening them and increasing the chances of leaks or flooding.
  • Plungers & Snakes: Homeowners also use plungers and a purchased plumbing snake to clear drains. Regrettably, it’s easy to misuse both of these tools. If you use the plunger in the wrong way, you can create too much pressure and damage the pipe, sink, or toilet. Using a plumber’s snake incorrectly, on the other hand, can cause excessive force and damage the drain and pipe.

Clogs have different origins, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to New Lenox drain cleaning. Instead, let the Joliet drain cleaning professionals at Expert Plumbing Service, Inc. handle it for you. We will diagnose the problem and give you all your options before making any repair.

Contact us today at (815) 402-3856 to schedule your Joliet drain cleaning service. 24/7 emergency services available.

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