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New Lenox Ejector Pump Plumbers

If your home has a room that is below street level, like a basement or cellar, then you likely have an ejector pump somewhere nearby. An ejector pump is a specialized piece of plumbing equipment that helps water and waste flow upwards so it can reach the main sewer line, where it continues to be carried away like normal. As with any other plumbing equipment or part, ejector pumps can and do break down, which could cause serious problems if unaddressed.

For fast, efficient ejector pump services in New Lenox and Joliet, call Expert Plumbing Service. at 815-402-3856. For more than 30 years, we have been tackling difficult and complex plumbing jobs for our customers so they don’t have to. In fact, throughout our years of industry experience, we have personally handled more than 100,000 plumbing jobs!

Contact us today to arrange a Joliet ejector pump repair, maintenance, or installation job.

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Signs Your Ejector Pump Might Be Failing

Top-of-the-line ejector pumps are expected to have a lifespan of 20 years or more, which is impressive. However, you never know when something might go wrong, like a foreign object ends up in the ejector pump or a part becomes defective.

Signs Your Ejector Pump Is Malfunctioning


Like a sump pump, an ejector pump removes standing water up and out of the lower regions of your home. It should be able to handle its workload efficiently. An ejector pump that runs for a long time but barely makes a dent in the draining process is likely defective.

Early Shutoff

A clear sign that something is wrong with an ejector pump is if it turns off before all standing water or excess water is pumped away. There could be an issue with an automatic trigger, a valve, components of the pump, and so on.

Running on Empty

Oppositely, it is just as troubling if your home’s ejector pump is running but there is no water to drain. Not only does this indicate a problem, but dry-running can actually cause harm to the ejector pump.

Strange noises

You should not notice your ejector pump is running, as it should be relatively quiet. If you can hear your ejector pump running from another room, or if it is making loud, periodic clangs, then it could be broken.

Don’t Guess, Trust the Professionals

Rather than guessing if your ejector pump needs servicing, let our New Lenox and Joliet plumbing professionals inspect it. We can diagnose any ejector pump issue and recommend repairs or maintenance as needed. Or, if it would be more cost-efficient to install a new ejector pump, we will tell you. We want to make certain you are getting the best value for your dollar, which is also why we have money-saving coupons and special financing offers!

Dial 815-402-3856 to get help with your home’s ejector pump in Joliet today.

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