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Joliet Water Heater Repair & Installation

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Your water heater provides hot water for a variety of daily activities, including showers, washing dishes, laundry, and more. When water heaters begin to fail, it can impact several areas in your routine. That is why it is vital that your water heater receives some form of care maintenance to keep it at its peak performance. Aside from this, water heater maintenance is also an important safety element. When your water heater fails, a buildup of pressure in the tank can happen. This pressure can cause a major explosion that can significantly damage your home and injure your family. When you are in need of high-quality Joliet water heater installation or repair, you can count on Expert Plumbing Service, Inc.!

Call Expert Plumbing Service, Inc. today at (815) 402-3856 to schedule a Joliet water heater repair, installation, or maintenance service! We're available 24/7 in case of emergencies.

Common Signs You Need A Joliet Water Heater Repair Service:

  • Rusty water
  • Noise from the water heater
  • Less hot water available than usual
  • Water around the water heater, which is a sign of leaks

Joliet Hot Water Heater Installation & Replacement

If your water heater is ten years or older, however, you may want to consider a replacement. You can find the age of your water heater by looking for the manufacturer's sticker on the upper portion of the unit. The first three digits will be a letter and two numbers. The letter represents the month. For instance, a G is the seventh letter of the alphabet and represents July. The next two numbers represent the year: 07 means the water heater was from 2007. You can count on us for prompt and dependable Joliet water heater installation services, and our team will help you decide which type of water heater would work best in your home!

In addition, Expert Plumbing Service, Inc. is the factory authorized Joliet hot water heater installation service center for tankless Navien water heaters as well as for State, AO Smith, Whirlpool, American & Reliance water heaters.

Join our Loyalty Club For Your Water Heater Needs!

Our Joliet water heater repair team at Expert Plumbing Service, Inc. makes it simple to take care of your water heater regularly. We offer our customers a loyalty club member which includes same day services on any of your plumbing needs, a yearly plumbing inspection that includes a flush and drains on your water heater, and water savers investigations.

What Maintenance Does My Water Heater Need?

Besides the annual drain and flush service performed by our skilled Joliet water heater repair plumbers, you can keep your hot water heater in top shape by performing a few care maintenance on a regular basis.

Helpful Tips To Enjoy A Top Performing Water Heater:

  • Check regularly for water around the heater and listen for unusual noises.
  • Consider lowering the water heater thermostat to 120 degrees to save money on your energy costs.
  • Always maintain two feet of clearance around the water heater unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise.
  • If you have an older hot water heater, you may want to consider adding a layer of insulation around it to help it hold heat and use less energy.
  • Don’t forget to adjust the water heater to the lowest setting if you plan to be out of town. Some heaters have a built-in “vacation” settings that you can easily switch on and off.

Your water heater maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult, especially with Expert Plumbing Service, Inc. To schedule Joliet water heater installation or repair, call (815) 402-3856 or contact us online!

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