Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel Pictures


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Pictures

Park Forest Bathroom Remodel

For too long we have neglected to post our pictures of kitchen and bath remodeling we have completed so we’ve decided to show you a bit of what we can do. From a simple bathroom refresh to a full blown rehab, with custom drywall, cabinets, tile and hardware. We hope you enjoy and please keep coming back to look because we finish new stuff all the time.

Moving Plumbing

This is the beginning. Moving plumbing to see how much height we can get for the ceiling.

Vaulting the Ceiling

Along with vaulting the ceiling we were combining two baths into one.

Plumbing Demolition

Plumbing Demolition is almost complete.

Vaulted Ceiling With Framing

Plumbing Vent is moved, ceiling is vaulted and framing is done.

Walls & Fireplace Installation

Walls and ceilings are up fireplace is in.

Bathtub With Decorative Tiles

Here is a look at the bathtub, with decorative tile.

Custom Hand-Stained Corbel Mantel

Simple custom mantel with hand stained corbels.


Other Side of the tub.

Lav Sink Bowl & Faucet

Funky Lav Bowl and Faucet

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