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10 Worst Things to Put in a Garbage Disposal

10 Worst Things to Put in a Garbage Disposal

Waste King Garbage Disposal

Waste King Garbage Disposal

10 Things That Will Clog Even the Best Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal can be a kitchens best friend, however when not used and maintained properly they can be more trouble than a convenience. Here’s a look at 10 things to avoid sending down the drain.

Vegetable Peelings

If you are peeling a bunch of potatoes or carrots, place them in your garbage instead of sending them down the disposal. The peels, in excess, will create a thick paste and will build up on the blades severely limiting the use of the appliance. If the potatoes and carrot peal paste happens to make it past the garbage disposal it can act like cholesterol in your waste piping system. It will eventually close off the piping and you’ll end up with a waste back-up.

Fruit Pits

Cherry pits, peach pits, nectarine pits – any type of fruit that has a hard, middle seed. Think of the pit as a piece of wood. Would you throw a piece of wood into the disposal? Probably not.

Celery Stalks

Celery is stringy and fibrous and can produce the same affects as vegetable peelings. Avoid sending celery down in excess.

Fats & Grease

Fats and grease will adhere to the pipes over time, creating backups and clogged pipes. The best thing you can do is run hot water down the line if you pour grease down a disposal. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU POUR ANY GREASE DOWN YOUR WASTE LINE.


Starchy substances will stick to both the blades and the pipes. In excess, pasta can quickly cause backups.


Rice is similar to pasta, and will cause a backup when put down the disposal in excess.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds

Please don’t drop these in your Garbage Disposal. Coffee grounds, in excess, can act in a similar manner to rice and pasta, clogging up both the blades and the pipes.

Paper, Plastic & Glass

Avoid sending down paper such as coffee filters, or bits of packaging as you are taking items out of their wrappers.

Egg Shells

The pieces of shell can linger in the pipes and eventually cause a clog.

Shells From Shellfish Or Bones

Bones from items like chicken, or shells from shellfish can break off and get caught in the blades.

As always avoid putting your hands in the disposal. If maintenance is required please make sure all power is disconnected from the disposal. Avoiding the above will ensure your garbage disposal a long and useful life.


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