Upgrade to a Premium Pressure Assisted Toilet

Sitting Pretty On A Pressure Assisted Toilet

We have recently had numerous customers ask us to install power flush toilets in their homes. For those of you who may not know what they are, or if this type of “throne” is an option for your “castle,” read on.

A standard toilet, seen in most residential applications, uses 1.6 gallons of water that is held in the tank. Standard and gravity toilets are the same. If you ever took the cover off the tank of your toilet, you would see a flapper. This flops down over a hole in the bottom of the tank to hold the water in the tank. When you flush the toilet, this flapper raises up, and the water flows down the hole, into the toilet bowel, and creates a swirl of water that siphons the waste down through to the trap. One flush in a standard (gravity) toilet will take the waste out into the sewer about 30 feet.

Pressure Assist Toilets are Different

Gerber Toilet with Sloan Flushmate

Gerber Toilet w/Sloan Flushmate

Pressure assisted or power flush toilets have no visible water in the tank. If you take the cover off the tank of a power flush toilet, you’ll see a smaller tank that houses a pressure vessel. The pressure vessel traps air and as it partially fills with water, it uses the water supply line pressure to compress the trapped air inside. The compressed air is what forces the water into the bowl. All this is activated when you flush. This forces the water out at a much higher rate with more power and takes the waste out through the sewer over 60 feet.

We stand behind this product so much that we offer a “never clog guarantee”. That means that if you make this premium investment, we will guarantee you don’t get a clog for the life of the toilet (used under normal conditions). This doesn’t mean that everyone in the family stands around the toilet with 10lbs of humus to see they can flush it all in one shot.

Power flush toilet benefit overview

  • Creates a “push” to clear the bowl.
  • Uses less water because second flushes are not required.
  • Produces “scrubbing action” to keep bowl clean.
  • Non-sweating tank.
  • Available in handicap height with elongated bowl and standard height with round or elongated bowl.
  • The main advantage of a power flush toilet – clogs and blockages are virtually eliminated!

Here is a link to new product by Sloan the inventor of the pressure assisted tank type toilet. It’s called Intelli-Flush and it makes pressure assisted toilets hands free.

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