Stop Wasting Water - Simple but Hidden Way to Conserve Water

Save Money, Conserve Water, and Energy and Prevent Costly Repairs

With all of the news surrounding fresh water here are some hidden way to conserve water. A burst washing machine hose or a hot water tank that suddenly erupts are dramatic examples of plumbing problems that not only waste hundreds of gallons of water, but also the energy used to heat it. Unfortunately, the following common causes of household water and energy waste are not nearly so obvious, and can end up costing you far more in the long run if left un-remedied.

Hog #1: Water wasted while you wait for hot water

Water heaters tend to be in the basement or a location that is nowhere near the places where you actually use the hot water – such

Recirculating Pump

A Recirculating Pump will help you save water.

as your bathroom or kitchen. The farther away the tank is from the faucets, the more water has to be run down the drain, wasting not only water but the energy to heat it. In many cases, the water heater has fired to reheat the incoming cold water before the first hot water has come out of the faucet.

To solve this problem, consider having a hot water recirculation pump installed. This system consists of a pump at your water heater and a valve under one or more of your sinks. The pump circulates the water from these fixtures back to the water heater so that it is always hot and available within seconds throughout your home as soon as you turn on your faucet. And you don’t waste excess water and energy!

Hog #2: Water that is heated day and night (whether you need it or not)

A typical water heater keeps 50 gallons of water hot 24 hours a day, whether we use the water or not. Even heaters with the best insulation are going to lose heat when the water sits for a whole day.

Smart Gas Valve & Thermostatic Control

Smart Control

Since we don’t use hot water all day long, it makes sense to heat the water only when we actually need it. The ICON water heater is a device that does just that. No, it’s not a tankless water heater. It is a revolutionary innovation that utilizes a “smart” gas valve and a thermostatic control. If your normal day starts at 6:00 AM, your heater will have hot water ready for you in time to shower. If you don’t come home until 7:00PM, your water will be hot again when you arrive. The difference is that in the hours you are gone, your water heater goes to “sleep”. When you go to sleep at night it sleeps with you. Why burn energy to heat water when you’re not home or asleep? This system can save as much as 36% of your heating costs over a traditional water heater. It is less expensive to install compared to a tankless water heater and WILL actually pay for itself!

Hog #3: Leaks
In the average household, 14% of the water that comes into your home is lost through plumbing leaks. To put this in perspective, almost the same amount, 17%, is used for showers. Small leaks usually become big leaks, so it makes sense to find and repair them as soon as possible. The signs of a plumbing leak include a toilet that runs when it’s not in use, higher than normal water bills, sounds of running water in plumbing pipes when water isn’t being used, and stains on walls or ceilings.

Some of these things you just forget about. How many people think about the water they are wasting while letting the shower heat up in the morning? It just is. But you waste a ton of water just letting it heat up. If you need any tips or consultation on how to remedy these issues give us a call or fill out the appointment form on the right.

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