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Few things are more panic-inducing than the sound of water gushing out of a burst pipe in the middle of the night. You first instinct will be to try to contain it and place any goods that could be ruined out of its reach. Your second instinct should be to call Orland Plumbers. Orland Plumbers offers a 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service for all those times plumbing accidents just refuse to happen during normal office hours.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of any plumbing mishap, speed is highly important in any emergency interventions we are called for. In fact, that remains true for and non-emergency cases as well. We know that a broken pipe that is not immediately dealt with can mean a huge cost for the homeowner, running the monthly bills higher and threatening the very integrity of the building, or that an issue that involves sewage liquid can result in serious health hazards. That is why we strive to offer our services in a timely manner, which will minimize the danger a crisis situation poses to your home and health. Our crews will try to reach your home as soon as possible and fix the situation on the spot, without resorting to delays and pushbacks. They will come fully equipped with the supplies and tools of the trade, as well as with their vast experience in dealing with similar occurrences. We do this at an affordable price that is representative of the performed service.

If it’s broken, Orland Plumbers can fix it!

Plumber smiling while repairing faucet

We believe that our employees are our greatest asset, with only highly-trained personnel that hold a license and are registered plumbers, in compliance with the state law, being employed. Their expertise will make sure that the solution to your problem is always the right one, without botched jobs that need to be redone in just a few weeks or unnecessarily expensive pieces. In fact, we take pride in a high level of transparency and collaboration with the client, who will have all the possible solutions explained before being asked to take a decision. This gives you the opportunity to choose what sort of intervention you want us to supply, based on your salary and future plans for your home.

Orland Plumbers can fix a wide range of issues, from small, quick fixes, such as removing a faulty filter, finding a crack or using silicone to isolate a pipe joint, to larger scale jobs that see an entire warehouse fitted with piping. Pipefitters and steamfitters alike will make use of their wrench, grease and silicon to make sure your piping stays in top shape. From removing the bad smell that results from accumulated garbage down the drain to dealing with the massive and complex pipe networks that can be found in almost any American city, we are your one-stop solution to any plumbing need. Moreover, we also specialize in working with commercial enterprises, whose buildings usually require specific operations, quite different from what you would expect to find in a home, with public places such as bars or restaurants in particular seeing much higher rate of usage. All work done by Orland Plumbers will be checked and re-checked to ensure the quality that our clients have come to expect from us. Ultimately, our work and, consequently, our worth as a business, will be judged based on the quality and reliability of our services.

As any good doctor will tell you, it’s always easier to prevent than to treat an illness. And any plumber, be them an apprentice, a journeyman or a master will tell you that things are not so different when it comes to plumbing. We offer several maintenance and prevention services, from regular check-ups of your home’s plumbing in order to fix any problems that might arise before they get the chance to do any damage, to installing pump systems that make sure that your basement will never get flooded, crucial when you live in a high-risk area. These services are a smart investment, as they come down at a cost that is only a fraction of what it would cost to deal with the accident after it happened. Additionally, we also provide solutions that help you tweak your water consumption, through the fixing of leaking pipes, as well as heat consumption, through heating system adjustments, so that you will end up wasting and paying less. In addition, clients will also receive advice on how to better maintain their plumbing, so that its lifetime will be increased. Based on the union of quality work, diligence and affordable rates, Orland Plumbers takes pride in its ability to solve problems that can be the source of much distress.

Appreciation for a job well done

Smiling plumber repairing water heater

Having a plumbing emergency is stressful enough, so don’t make it worse by employing poorly-trained or unqualified men to do a bad job. Orland Plumbers have been in the business for over 30 years and have become one of the most important and respected plumbing companies in the area. As such, you will never have to fear shady practices from us, such as costly, yet unnecessary interventions, unexplained price hikes or poor workmanship that will ensure further employment. We have learned that the best way towards success is through the honest work of a good plumber and that good reviews from your average client will mean better business in the long-run than anything else. We have thousands of satisfied customers in the area and we plan on keeping our high level of appreciation by continuing to provide excellent services at affordable prices.

For over three decades, Expert Plumbers has been involved in the local Orland community, feeling that we should use our expertise and success to help those less fortunate. Habitat for Humanity, Homes for Our Troops, and New Lenox Food Pantry are just some of the charities that we collaborate with, either through donations or through our expertise, to offer food and shelter to those who need it the most.

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