Good Plumber?......Expert Plumbing Service Strives to Be Great

Good Plumber?……Expert Plumbing Service Strives to Be Great

How many times has someone asked you “hey do you know any good plumbers or a good plumbing company?” I know I hear it all the time…well it could be because I’m in the trade but I do hear people talking amongst themselves as well. So when I’m asked if I know a good plumber I usually respond how about a great plumber? I don’t say it wanting to sound cliche it is the single thing that separates just “ok” plumbers and plumbing contractors from the “great” ones.

Who’s a Great Plumber and Who isn’t?

So with all of the information at hand these days, from the phone book, to Angies List to Facebook, Linkedin and all of the review sites, how in the heck do you know you’ve found a great one? The proof is a company’s dedication to their customers. When I say dedication I don’t mean Expert Plumbing Service just talks about it in their ads, we live it every single day. We are in near constant pursuit of giving outstanding customer service. How is this done, you might ask? Well, beyond the normal weekly meetings to keep everyone on track from the dispatch office to the estimating department to the service technicians in the field, ownership sends every single one of their staff to outside training so every service we sell is customer need driven.

Customer Driven Plumbing Service Makes Us Great

About a year ago, Expert Plumbing Service wasn’t much different than every other plumbing contractor you may have had in your home. That was until we were introduced to Mr. Joe Crisera and his Total Immersion Sales Program. Our plumbers, like all the rest, would come into your home and take a look at your plumbing, figure out the cheapest way to fix your problem and throw it down on the table to see what you the homeowner thought of it. Not very customer focused! Through our involvement with Joe, we have learned that “our” fix may not be what you are looking for. Joe, through his Total Immersion course has taught us to listen to our clients, truly listen, and formulate numerous possibilities for a solution to their needs. We all know during these tough economic times that money can be tight. We have learned to offer everything from a ‘BandAid” fix to solutions that will last your lifetime. After all, it is you, the client, that makes those decisions for you and your family. Our Technicians are trained to look at all aspects of your plumbing issue and plumbing system so that they can create the best options for your repairs. Each client is treated like a part of our family. You wouldn’t tell your Mother there is only one way to fix the sink, you would explain the problem and offer her several options so that Mom could do what fits her best! Our technician’s motivation is to find a solution that fits YOU best! All you have to do is pick what works best for you and your family!

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