Precision Plumbing Services: Getting the Piping Job Done Accurately

Getting The Most From Your Precision Plumbing Services Expert

Why is it important for us to offer precision plumbing to our clients and why should you look for accuracy standards when searching for a plumber? While it’s perfectly understandable to have a simple approach of ‘this is the problem and this is its solution’ and just be content with the first service provider that walks through your door and gets the job more or less done, we are here to convince you that you deserve more. A plumbing service well done should be completed at high precision and quality standards, so that things don’t just work ‘pretty well’ from thereon, but so they actually work flawlessly, with no small drops leaked or no slow drainage etc. Only when things run smoothly should a great plumber consider his work completed, and this is among our mission statements as a company.

First of all, before getting into more depth and detail about what precision plumbing services we are offering and the standards of quality we maintain and uphold in everything we do, we should also tell you the simplest way to verify the solidity of any plumber’s claims. When you’re searching for a good plumber to help you feel as comfortable as you deserve in your own home, you have two ways of verifying their trustworthiness. The first method calls for you to just try their services and see where it goes, but if you choose to do so, you are obviously doing it at your own risk. There are a scary amount of things that can go wrong when you allow shallow professionals to mess around with your plumbing so we probably don’t even need to go into detail on all the ways in which your home and furniture or electronics can be destroyed under a flood caused by a clumsy plumber. Still, we’ll give you a few examples just for their sheer entertainment value.

Why You Need Precision Plumbing Services (What Could Go Wrong?)

Plumbing System

As mentioned above, there are simply horrible things that can occur whenever the professionalism of the people you entrust your plumbing to is nonexistent. Here are just a few stories we’ve collected from clients who are now happily served by us, about their previous plumbing service providers (shady to say the least):

1. Holiday Plumbing Nightmare

Around the holidays, we all know how it gets: you’re either leaving your family home to have the holiday celebrations at some different home where the whole extended family is organizing a reunion of sorts, or you are the host of the reunion yourself and your house is center stage of the events. In the first instance, you risk having a jolly good time and then returning to your home only to find it in a disastrous condition from a leak which occurred during the vacation and wasn’t noticed on time because the house was, well, temporarily deserted. This actually happen quite often – beyond the silly Home Alone thief scenarios – for the simple reason that during the busy busy time of the holidays the home plumbing systems are functioning on overload. Which brings us to the second scenario of what could go wrong: you are in a house (either your own or a relative’s) and things are crowded to say the least: one of the bathrooms is used non-stop by one of your aunts and your cousins who are taking turns to shower, the other bathroom is used by the relatives from your other family side, while a grandma is tossing leftovers in the kitchen sink. It’s no wonder that the plumbing system eventually gives in and you need to call a plumber. The problem is that

  1. a) Almost everyone is calling plumbers at the same time
  2. b) The plumbing experts you call are probably on their off days since the holidays are the holidays for everyone.

The rule is the same from Las Vegas to Charlotte NC: the holidays bring plumbing trouble more likely than any other time of the year.

What should one do in this scenario? That’s the easiest rhetorical question in this whole article: no matter what your problem is and no matter how inconvenient the time is, you call us. At delicate times such as the ones described above, you need precision plumbing services, and that’s precisely what Expert Plumbing Service excels at.

2. Apparently Well-Done Job Followed by Disaster

There’s another possible scenario that doesn’t initially strike you as being as awful as the first one, but it’s all the more a threat. You have a minor leak or some similar plumbing problem which doesn’t seem all that serious at first, so you give your average Joe plumber a call – perhaps it’s a neighbor who has some bit of plumbing knowledge or simply the one who charges the least – to take a look at it. He answers your house call promptly, works on the slowly leaking pipe for 45 minutes, then packs his tools, says everything ‘should be alright now’ and leaves. You breath a sigh of relief as this was all over much more quickly than you expected and you proceed about your usual business. Unfortunately, because the work wasn’t completed to the precision plumbing you deserve, the leak continues at a very low intensity, so fine it couldn’t be seen by the untrained eye, and sooner or later you will be facing a full blown-out pipe in the middle of your things. All because one poorly qualified plumber wasn’t really the person for the job. Unfortunately, this is a scenario that occurs much more often than you’d think.

What to do to avoid this situation? Make sure you don’t agree to allow someone to solve your plumbing issues before they can a) certify their qualification for the job and b) talk about the guarantees you’re entitled as a client should anything about the job go amiss.

3. The (Quasi) Infinite Drag


Last, but not least, let’s imagine something less disastrous to your home, but totally pain in the butt. You have a minor plumbing problem: for example, your water heater seems to be malfunctioning lately, and after some casual online reading you discover the bottom element on the heater needs to be replaced. Even if you managed to figure out the problem yourself and you find it simple enough, you decide to let the practicalities be handled by a true professional so you don’t break or misuse anything. So you give a call to find a plumber available and sure enough, one of them answers the call and comes take a look at your heater. As soon as the plumber arrives, he decides the problem isn’t actually with the bottom element, but it might be with the thermostat, so he promises to come back with the spare part in about 2 weeks. You think 2 weeks is a horrible amount of time to wait, but the plumber says they are busy so you finally decide to wait it out. After 2 weeks the plumber comes in, changes the thermostat (in the good case scenario, he manages to do it without breaking anything else in your heater), but then you both see it doesn’t solve the problem. Things just drag on, and until the plumber actually figures out what it is you actually need, a lot of time had passed and you will also be charged for all the parts and the time spent in the process.

If these scenarios already ring a bell (though we sincerely hope you didn’t experience any of these horrible situations in your own home) or you’re just hoping they will never come to ring a bell, than just be sure never to trust shady companies or individuals boasting about solving your problems for the cheapest price. As many of our clients have unfortunately recounted, it’s really difficult to find a good plumbing service provider these days. This is how you can find out how to choose someone reliable for those precision plumbing services you need.

How to Choose a Reliable Plumbing Service Provider

To avoid all the unpleasant situations presented above and, most of all, to avoid an unexpected plumbing problem drop down on your house like a boulder, the only way to protect yourself is to make sure you only hire the upmost professionals in the field. You need to look out for the following signs as interpret them as some pretty serious alarms. So, without further ado, don’t hire any plumbing service provider who:

  • Doesn’t immediately produce their licensing information upfront (this information about their licensing needs to be announced on their website clearly and visibly, without you needing to dig up for it);
  • Doesn’t give you an upfront assessment of how much the whole cost of the operation will be (with possible multiple scenarios, even);
  • Doesn’t offer you any guarantees of their work;
  • Doesn’t show you the registration and certification for their equipment, machines and staff upon request;
  • Doesn’t have any positive references to show to you from their other customers (quotes would actually be the best).

Hiring the wrong kind of service provider could, unfortunately, turn out to be one of the worst decisions you could make, since a wrong turn in handling these issues can lead to tremendous damages to your home, your comfort and your finances. Don’t rush to hire the first plumber who answers you phone or the one promising rates too cheap to be true. Know what you’re getting yourself into and never put the well-being of your home or office in the hands of anything less than true professionals.

Plumber Repairing Faucet

Our Precision Plumbing Services in the Chicago Metropolitan Area

We at Expert Plumbing Service. serves the whole area of Chicago and its surroundings with top notch plumbing service everyone should expect (and anyone should have access to). Whatever your problem is – a leaking pipe, a malfunctioning water heater or heating system, a mini-flood in your basement or a nasty toilet or sink blockage – we’re the right people to call. Our licensed team of professionals identifies the problem from the first visit, answers house calls in a speedy manner and work around their schedule in order to best fit yours. You can book our services by weeks and days in advance, just as easily as you can ask for emergency assistance. Give us a phone call and you’ll have one of our plumbers at your place sooner than you can say “Houston, we have a problem.” We are the top service provider for the whole Chicago Metropolitan area, fully licensed, insured and bonded.

Why are we the best? Simply because you won’t be able to find more precise plumbing and a higher expertise than the high quality service we provide. Our list of services includes handling leaks, water heater malfunctions, malfunctions of the garbage disposal system, faucet repairs, toilet clogs and leaks, floods (including the particularly dangerous basement floods), problems with the gas pipes or any frozen pipes and much more. We can also install sensors that detect plumbing problems while you are away to prevent a flood to occur by the time you get back. Basically, whatever plumbing problem you may find yourself confronted with, count on us as the best qualified team for the job. Also, if you find yourself needing any advice about how to best approach a plumbing situation or advice about the service providers already handling your issue, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be happy to offer you the counsel you need on all things plumbing-related for both private and commercial ventures. We even have special financing packages with approved credit so that the billing suits our clients’ preferences.

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