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We know how difficult it is to find a plumbing company that you can rely on under any and all circumstances. We also know that an emergency never takes place when you expect it to. Even more so, we know that the cost of hiring a plumber can be costly sometimes. Our mission at Expert Plumbing Service. is to ease your worries and assist you in overcoming the situation without any hazards or further troubles. As far as local New Lenox plumbers are concerned, we supply everything you could ever need in a plumbing repair and maintenance situation. Our highly trained and licensed staff members are at your service any time of the day or night with the utmost preparation, knowledge and tools in order for your pipe, drain, pump, faucet, toilet or water heater can function properly and that your family and house are safe and sound.

We strongly believe that a well thought-out mission and core values serve as the foundation for any respectable company, and the case is no different when it comes to precision plumbing services. We have outlined 8 core values that represent Expert Plumbing Service and that we respect every time we communicate with our customers and handle any plumbing job.

Our 8 Core Values

1. Availability

Plumbing accidents never take place when you are ready for them. On the contrary, it seems like they occur exactly when you expect them to the least, during the late hours of the nights or weekends. This is the reason why we provide 24 hour emergency service throughout all seven days of the week and we guarantee that a plumber will timely be at your service. If you are in need of New Lenox plumbers, you know how difficult it can be for one to find your home in time if you are not near the city. Our team is here and ready at all times.

2. Speed

Aside from reaching the premises in time, it is essential that a plumber solves your problem quickly. If action is not taken immediately, a crack in a pipe can lead to an explosion leaving your house drenched in water or, even worse, another kind of liquid that can smell like dreadful garbage. We know that there is no time to waste when it comes to repairing plumbing malfunctions, so we train each and every one of our plumbers to work with speed, caution and care all at the same time to deserve positive reviews from customers.

3. Quality

When it comes to permanently solving a problem, just availability and speed are never good enough. The quality of the job is possibly the most important aspect of the entire situation. Many plumbers tend to overlook the details when attempting to work in record time, but our team prides itself on quality services while respecting all other core values. We never settle for average; the aim of every Expert Plumber is to become a master of the craft.

4. Affordability

You do not have to worry and constantly ask yourself “how much will it cost for my problem to disappear?”. Our services are more than affordable for every type of budget. Has your situation got out of hand and does it require large amounts of attention? Have no fear, our New Lenox plumbers will offer you the perfect rate that will not exceed your budget.

Customer angry at pipe leak

5. Expertise

What does “Precision Plumbing” represent exactly? Expertise. Every single member of our team has undergone or is completing thorough training which is a 5 year apprenticeship. After completing the training you must pass a rigorous test. This means that every one of our New Lenox plumbers is a genuine specialist and is totally prepared for handling the situation in a professional matter.

6. Supplies

Why hit the warehouse when you can benefit from our knowledge and supplies? We make sure that we have all of the equipment needed for the job so you do not have to go out and purchase a wrench, filter or silicone and grease. We know that a plumbing problem can take up great amounts of your precious time as it is, so we want to avoid making you lose any other minutes after we arrive at your home. Our New Lenox plumbers not only come equipped with all of the necessary supplies, but also the knowledge you need to make the best choice for you.

7. Communication

Without communication, a tiny repair can make you step back and say “well that escalated quickly”. That is why one of our core values is to maintain an ideal communication process from beginning to end. Starting from a customer service assistant ready to answer your calls and inquiries at any time, to a plumber ready to provide you with any piece of information you may need in order to see what plan you will choose, we pride our services on clear communication and transparency before, during and after maintenance. Any time you have a question or suggestion, never hesitate to communicate it to our precision plumber on the job.

8. Respect

Last, but certainly not least, respect is our most beloved core value. It allows us to create a reliable relationship with you, our admired customer, and continue providing our top-notch services for even more years to come. We respect your choice, your budget, your requirements and your home. We are a very family oriented company and by working with us you become a part of our family. This means that you can permanently count on us for being treated as more than a client. You will become our close friend and you will be able to rely on us for helping you in any situation.

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