Joliet Plumbers to the Rescue!

A Midsummer Night’s Disaster

Picture this: it is a gorgeous day in the lovely city of Joliet, in Will County, Illinois. Little do you know you’re going to be needing some handy Joliet plumbers soon… For now, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, everything seems to be Water Main Break & Leakgoing from good to great. Today is Friday (TGIF!) and it is also the day you cash your check the check you worked so hard to earn this month. You simply cannot wait to hit your favorite local hot spot and enjoy the fruits of your labor after the long hours at the office. After you finish work, you jump into your car and head towards your house while humming to the tunes on the radio. You arrive and open your door smiling from ear to ear, just to be hit with a terrible aroma wafting from your kitchen. What on earth could smell like that? You go to inspect the area and find out that it is coming directly from your garbage disposal, covered in grease and with silicone rubbed away. As if that was not enough, you find that your drain is clogged, kitchen sink drain is broken and that liquid has started building up. Wait, that is not all; when you open the cupboard under your sink to look for a wrench or other supplies you could use, you are horrified of what you see: a crack in one of your water pipes.

It seems like the situation has quickly spiraled out of your control. You stop for a minute and consider making a quick trip to the big box store near you to stock up on a supply or two, but you glance at your watch and realize that it is far past closing time. You dread the idea of calling a plumber over to fix the problem because you know it is going to cost you a small fortune, especially at this hour. You begin to weigh out your options and decide to search the internet for some much-needed guidance.

After looking up “Joliet plumbers” you discover a family company entitled “Expert Plumbing Service”. You begin surfing through their website and a few key phrases pop out “24 hour emergency service”, “ Illinois licensed plumbers”, “specializing in both residential and commercial plumbing services”, “best service provided journeyman and apprentice plumbers”, “unbeatable rates”, “countless positive customer reviews”. Your face already begins to brighten. At this rate, you already begin to feel that you have found a company that you can truly rely on to get the job done with master skills and full commitment. Without hesitation, you pick up the phone and call these Expert Joliet Plumbers.

Smiling plumbing technician

The Expert Joliet Plumbers Experience

Even though it is 11 o’clock at night, your phone call is answered after the first rings. You are welcomed by a warm voice that asks you how they could be of assistance. You briefly explain your situation and ask how much does a plumbing job like this cost. The customer service representative gladly explains that your estimate is free and that you will be offered more than one option to choose from, depending on your budget. You are encouraged to make a decision based strictly onĀ Water Main Repairyour needs and preferences, with the help of detailed information from an Expert plumber with a well-deserved license. It is almost hard to believe how friendly their customer service is and how all of your inquiries were completely answered without beating around the bush. The representative asks when you would like the plumber to come and you politely reply as soon as possible. This did not prove to be a problem, as in less than thirty minutes a professional plumber was at your doorstep. You invite him inside and explain all of the aspects of the situation, hoping it would not be too much to work on at such a late hour. The Expert plumber comforts you by saying that no problem is too difficult and that the repairs would not take up nearly as much time as you expected they would.

Before beginning the process, the Expert plumber describes the options that are available to you, without putting any pressure whatsoever into choosing a certain alternative. You are surprised to find out that the situation is not that tragic after all, and that the costs of the operation are well in your budget. After choosing your option, the Expert plumber begins to work thoroughly, while explaining any part of the process if you ask him to. You can’t believe that in such a short period of time he had succeeded in fixing the garbage disposal, water pipe and drain, leaving them with no further malfunctions. You are delighted with the service you receive and you ask about what other services they offered at their company.

The specialist patiently describes that Expert Plumbers can also provide installation, repairs, replacement and maintenance for faucets, sewage pumps, toilets, battery backup systems, gas lines, gas piping, water heaters, frozen pipes, burst pipes, sump pumps and all sorts of water or pipe leaks. You can finally rest assured that all of your household maintenance needs can be met with the help of one single company. Before leaving, the plumber double checks all of the areas he worked on to see if they work and that no problems should occur in the near future. He leaves you a business card with a personal cell phone number so you can contact him for any other inquiries or even pieces of advice on how to avoid further accidents. He also adds that you will enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee to reassure you that all the work that had been done was correctly executed. The Expert plumber encourages you that you can call him at any time for any other issues in this area. Whoever thought that a plumbing emergency can turn into a memorable experience and a new friend?

Welcome to Expert Plumbing Service, where customers become a part of our family and where a plumbing company will stop at nothing to see you fully safe and satisfied.

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