Installing a Battery Backup Sump Pump

What Is The Best Battery Backup Sump?

When the electricity goes out during a storm or due to another issue most people grin and bare it until repairs are arranged. However, sump pumps play a vital role in the well-being, stability, and cleanliness of a building or home. When a sump pump loses power, your home or building could be at serious risk. Sump pumps move water away from the ground level of a building and deposit it in storm drainage piping. Most sump pumps are connected to a building’s electrical system, meaning a power outage or even a problem with the pump’s electrical components could prove problematic. What can you do in this situation? Look to buy a battery backup sump pump. Choosing the best is difficult but we love, The Ion Storm Pro by Metropolitan Pump, Zoeller Pump and Tramco Pump for some seriously heavy duty sump pump needs.

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Why is a Sump Pump Battery Backup Important?

Sump pumps provide a vital function for homes. Not only do they help to move water away and improve sanitation conditions in the building, they also work to stop the accumulation of moisture around the foundation. Structural damage often results from moisture at the ground level of a building, so a functional sump pump is very important. When a power failure or other issues related to electrical components cause a pump to stop working, most rely on battery backups. Battery backups can prove very valuable for keeping the pump operational and preventing the problems that may occur when the unit is out of commission.

Popular Battery Backup Models

There are many sump pumps with battery backups available on the market, but as with all industries, there are certain brands and models which have become more widespread and well known. For example, a Zoeller pump has the hardware needed not only to provide power to a sump pump in the event of an outage, but to alert users to any potential problems due to overheating, overcharge, or other issues. The Ion Storm Pro utilizes heavy-duty components like an 8-amp charger. Hydromatic, Glentronics PHCC Pro Series and Blue Angel are just a few other that manufacture battery backup sump pump systems.

Additional Options for Battery Backups

When searching for the best battery backup for a sump pump, most people look for a combination of quality and affordability. While there are there are plenty of options to choose from. The PHCC Pro and Metropolitan Pump’s Sump Pro are both popular models for their user-friendly design and reliability. These models can help prevent flooding and structural damage to a building in the event that a standard pump and its standard electronics stop working properly. The Hydromatic also provides users with the type of affordable and compact backup needed to prevent flooding in even the tightest quarters. Please note, the Sump Pro is not a back-up sump pump. It is a electrical converter with marine batteries that allows your main pump and back-up if you have one to continue to function in the event of a power outage.

The Long-Term Benefits of a Battery Backup

Whether a person chooses a popular heavy-duty brand like Zoeller or a compact and cost-efficient choice like Hydromatic, a battery backup sump pump can prove very valuable. Not only can this type of unit prove handy in the short-term, it can prevent the type of damage that can build up over time when a regular sump pump has electrical problems. Even a small amount of water around the foundation of a home can lead to damage, so investing in a battery backup can help homeowners save in the long run.

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