Water Pipe Repair Frankfort: Basics that You Should Know

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Before requesting a consultation from one of the water pipe repair Frankfort companies in order to help you identify and repair broken water pipe issues, you should cover your basics. It’s important to know what to expect in terms of a water pipe leak repair or even something more serious like a burst water pipe repair so that you are prepared in case you need to repair leaking water pipe problems.

There are some basic broken water pipe repair notions that you can read about beforehand so that, if and when you require any kind of water supply pipe repair, you will know what to expect in terms of time frame and repair costs. For instance, a glass water pipe repair will differ from a copper water pipe repair both in terms of costs and of the work hours required.

You’ll want to repair water pipe leak issues promptly if you see any signs indicating that a water pipe may have been damaged. Not only do you lose water and face rising utility bills if you don’t repair water pipe issues, you’re also at risk of property damage, as the water you are losing can affect anything from your walls, contents, floors, and yard.

Water Pipe Repair Frankfort: Basic Steps for Water Pipe Repairs

Most of us don’t know the first thing about plumbing so learning how to repair a burst water pipe or how to repair water pipe damages will most likely be out of our reach. You should call a professional plumber for exposed or underground water pipe repair tasks if you don’t know what you are doing. But there are a few steps that you can take to manage a broken water pipe efficiently even before you call a water pipe repair Frankfort company and ask for help.

1. Identify the Problem

Major water pipe repair issues are usually easy to identify, as the water leakage caused by leaks or broken pipes can be easily seen. However, your underground water pipes can also have leaks that you may be unaware of as evidence of these leaks doesn’t usually appear on the surface. To check if your underground water lines have any leaks, you can follow the steps listed below:

  • Step 1 – Turn off all of the taps and appliances that use water within your home.
  • Step 2 – Wait for half an hour, then read and write down all of the digits displayed on your water meter.
  • Step 3 – Don’t use water for at least another hour. It is best not to use water for as long as you can, even overnight, as some leaks are very small and it may take a longer time for the meter to record the water loss. After you’ve waited for at least an hour, take a second meter
  • Step 4 – Compare your results to see if the water consumption has changed. If the second number that you recorded is bigger than the first, it is likely that you have a leak.

You can also test your water line to check for leakage by making sure that nobody in the house is using water and checking the main water supply line in your home. Typically, this water pipe can be found next to your water meter and it is the line that supplies your home with water. Listen for any vibrations or sound of water going through this line. If nobody is using water inside the home, the pipe should be silent. If you hear any rumbling your main water line could have issues and you may have to repair underground water pipe leaks.

Water Pipe Leak

2. Evaluate the Problem

Some water pipe repairs can be easier and quicker to fix than others so it’s important to know what you are dealing with once you’ve identified an issue. A galvanized water pipe repair will pose different challenges than a plastic water pipe repair so make sure you evaluate the problem carefully. Simpler issues can be fixed without a lot of trouble. However, if you have no idea how to repair a broken water pipe, it’s best to ask for help from a professional.

If you have a water pipe repair kit and you have managed to perform simple procedures such as a frozen water pipe repair before, you can attempt to fix the issue yourself. Exposed pipes can be easier to work with but pipes that are hidden under floors or beneath walls can be difficult to access and to fix. You can do the repair work yourself if you are confident in your abilities, but make sure that you know what the proper repair procedure is.

Evaluate the issue and determine if the complexity of the repair work exceeds your capabilities or not. A plumber will be able to perform almost any kind of water pipe repair so if you don’t know how to repair galvanized water pipe leaks, for example, it’s best to call a professional in to help.

3. Fix the Problem

Once you’ve identified and assessed the issue to the best of your abilities, you can start fixing the issue. The costs for a professional water pipe repair will vary depending on the difficulty of the task. A PVC water pipe repair might cost less, for example, because PVC pipes are cheaper and easier to work with than metallic pipes. Depending on the existing issues, you may need additional water pipe leak repair products such as water pipe repair tape or water pipe repair clamps to complete the work.

These supplies will bring additional costs if you decide to do the water pipe repair yourself. If you need to repair copper water pipe leaks or if you need to repair galvanized water pipe issues that are more difficult to handle, it is best to ask for help. PVC pipes are typically easier to change but you will still require some additional tools and materials.

After you have identified the damaged pipe, you can shut off the valve that controls the water flow to this particular pipe and apply a water pipe repair clamp to it according to the instructions listed on the package in order to temporarily fix the issue. This will stop the leakage until you manage to call a water pipe repair Frankfort professional to help you mend the problem permanently.

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