Root X - The Best in Tree Root Control

Root X – The Best in Tree Root Control

Root X – THE Tree Root Killer

Root X Logo

Root X Logo

It doesn’t matter where you live, if you have trees there is a good chance you will have root issues. Especially if your trees are mature. Treating and maintaining can be painstaking and expensive if you don’t perform some preventative maintenance.

Root-X Root Killer is the leading root killer on the market. When it was introduced in 1994 it was the only root killer on the market that was environmentally responsible as it didn’t contain any diquat bromide, copper sulfate or metam sodium. What does that mean? It doesn’t kill everything. Those other root killers travel along our sewage system and into waterways killing algae, seaweed, trees, etc. It is registered in all 50 states as safe to use.

Why is Root X so effective? As trees mature the roots dig and they send out tiny little hair like roots to find water. What

Root X At Work

Root X at Work

travels in your sewer all day long, everyday? Water! The hair like roots can penetrate every little crack and crevasse that is present in your sewer line. Once the roots have established themselves they begin to thicken and they can eventually break the sewer piping. Roots tend to infiltrate the piping at the top of the pipe. The roots hang down into the water stream and they drink away. Most root killers run in your sewer stream so the bottom of the roots may pull back a bit but those roots start growing again 48 hours after treatment. Root X foaming action expands on contact with water in the sewer line killing roots along the top of the sewer. With proper hydro jetting and 6 month treatments you can effectively keep roots under control for many years.

So we would be glad to come and replace your sewer but just regular maintenance may do the trick. Call us at Expert Plumbing Service we will give you solutions to your tree root problems.

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