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Why Should I Use a Tankless Water Heater?

Why Should I Use a Tankless Water Heater?

About seven years ago, we wrote an article pointing out the pitfalls of the tankless water heater systems at the time. Fast forward 7 years and the story of tankless water heaters has changed significantly. Just like your home computer, the leaps in technology that have occurred in that time span have improved these devices and made them better than ever.

One manufacturer in particular has solved most if not all of the past issues with tankless heaters: Navien. Navien has managed to overcome the “cold water sandwich “ effect, which gives you hot water the first time you turn the faucet on, but not the next, as well as the costly need to run a new gas or propane line all by itself to the unit.

They have led the industry in all aspects of the tankless heater. Their systems are set up with varying levels of fuel consumption, refining the energy efficiency of their units to meet your needs, but not use anything extra. Tankless water heaters are no longer “one size fits all;” Navien has engineered and built numerous levels of burner size to fit the individual homeowner or business’s needs.

hot water heater dial and gas lineNavien is committed to this industry; they were there in the beginning and will remain the leader in the industry long term. Their company is so proactive that they have set up two training centers in the United States to officially train plumbers to service and repair their units. Members of our team have personally have gone through the training they offer and become certified. As a company, we are proud to be recognized as a “Certified Installer” and repair center for their products. As a certified installer we can handle all of your warranty issues directly with Navien, and we carry ALL parts for your unit.

From a single unit to supply your home with endless hot water, to commercial and industrial applications with four, five, six, or more units that cascade and talk to each other, Navien has a solution for your hot water needs.

Seven years ago I recommended against tankless technology. I was well grounded by the science and data of these units back then. I am well-grounded today recommending their use today…. grounded in science and data.

Here are a few of the most common reasons why you should install a Navien tankless water heater system in your home.

Space Saving

A tankless water heater system doesn’t require you to have a gigantic storage tank stashed somewhere in your home. Tankless systems heat the water that flows through them and gives it to you on-demand when you need it. Most of these units are neatly tucked away either on the wall near a faucet or even in cabinets located under sinks. This can open up space in your home where you may not have even thought possible.

Energy Saving

We touched briefly on this earlier, but one of the biggest benefits of making the switch to solar is the amount of money it can save you on your utility bills. Whether you have an electric water heater or a gas-powered unit, you need to consume energy in order to keep the water in the tank at the desired temperature. Even if you don’t use the water in your tank, it slowly loses heat and comes back to an ambient temperature, which means your heater needs to turn back on to bring it back up. Tankless water heaters heat the water as you need it, thus eliminating the need to be constantly running when you aren’t running any water in your home. This can save you potentially hundreds of dollars per year on your utility costs.

Are you interested in installing a tankless water heater in your home? Contact Expert Plumbing Service, Inc.and let our New Lenox plumbers outfit your home with the latest in energy-efficient technology!


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