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Bio-Clean - Best and Safest Products to Use on Your Waste Piping System

Bio-Clean - Best and Safest Products to Use on Your Waste Piping System

Expert Plumbing Service Recommends Bio-Clean


If there is one thing most plumbers recommend is that we don’t recommend many chemicals to be used on waste piping systems. They tend to be hit or miss and if they miss it can be dangerous. Think waste piping filled with a corrosive liquid. There is one chemical that we love to recommend and it’s Bioclean. Not only does it really work but it is also so safe you can eat it. It does not attack live tissue or anything inorganic.

Bio-Clean is a enzymatic drain cleaner and works using good enzymes and bacteria to slowly eat away and hair, grease, food, soap scum and any other organic residue that has built up in your waste piping. We consider Bio-Clean a maintenance product rather than an emergency blockage remover however it will eat away a blockage if given enough time.

Listed below are some examples how Bio-Clean can be used:

GARBAGE DISPOSALS – Garbage disposals can get funky. The reason is organic material builds up inside and it basically it starts to decompose.

Take the Stink Out

A once a week dose of Bio-Clean will start eating away the organic material within an hour eliminating the issue and preventing any build-ups in the future. Throw away the lemons.

SEPTIC FIELDS – People with septic fields know a bit about how they work. Human waste and paper products drain out to a septic field and tank. All septic tanks need to be pumped out to ensure proper function. With monthly doses of Bioclean your septic system will need less maintenance and it is the only product that will increase your waste system performance throughout the entire drainage process. It cleans the piping, improves leech field performance and eats organic waste inside the septic tank. There is no better septic tank performance enhancer.

GREASE TRAPS – Grease is organic Bioclean loves grease. However, Bioclean must be used during inactivity, when the water slows down and cools to allow the grease to rise to the top to the enzymes can do their job.

EJECTOR PITS – Waste flows into your ejector and is pumped out to your waste line. The pump doesn’t remove everything but regular doses of Bio-Clean will help take of the rest.

Bio-Clean can help Port-A-Potty’s




Give is a call for our Bio-Clean special and pick up a few cans; it’s an Expert Plumbing Service recommended product.


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