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Three Most Common Problems Leading to Copper Pipe Corrosion

Three Most Common Problems Leading to Copper Pipe Corrosion

Three Most Common Problems Leading to Copper Pipe Corrosion

Most Common Problems Leading to Copper Pipe Corrosion

So we know that copper water piping is pretty tough stuff but there are situations that are leading to copper pipe corrosion and the pipe gets beat up. The following are the most common ways copper corrodes and can lead you the homeowner trying to find a way to get your water piping replaced.

  1. Aggressive Water. Water low in PH from 4 to 7, low alkalinity, high dissolved solids. You can have aggressive water from a well or if you have a whole house RO system. The de-mineralization cause by RO can cause the water to become aggressive.
  2. Faulty Workmanship or System Design Failure. An undersized potable water system or one using sharp bends can cause excessive velocity and lead to erosion-corrosion. There is another reason for pitting and erosion and it is probably the most common and it’s something plumbers fail to do when pressed by time. It’s caused from not de-burring the inside of copper water piping after it has been cut. We know it’s an extra step but all you plumbers out there take the step. There are no warranty limitations on workmanship issues. If a project is done for 20 years and a system has failed due to a workmanship error an owner can go back and sue the firm that installed the system if they are still in business.
  3. Aggressive Flux. Up until a few years ago flux used to solder water piping was petroleum based and was not washed away after installation. If too much flux was used pieces of it get caught in the system and continue to eat away at the piping long after the system is up and running. Most major plumbing codes now call for water soluble fluxes so when the copper piping system is up and running, water will dissolve any residual flux eliminating the chance of future erosion.

So if any of these issue are present in your home or place of business its time to call the Experts at Expert Plumbing Service for all your copper re-pipe needs. Phone (815) 402-3856


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