Joliet Storm Drainage Project (Pictures Included)

Joliet Storm Drainage Piping Removes Ground Water

Here are some pictures of a residential project we did recently. As is done in most homes, the gutters splash rainwater on to the grass or landscaping where the gutters leads drop down. Usually there is a gutter lead at each corner of the house. The problem is that when there is a heavy downfall and we get them quite often here in the midwest you create a puddle or you wash away landscaping or you’ll end up with an ice slick if it gets cold enough. The worst case scenario is the water discharged along the foundation finds its way through a basement foundation crack or seam and floods the basement. The only way to alleviate the problem is to bury the gutter discharges and tie them together so they drain into the city storm sewers. This is what we did on the project shown in pictures below. If rain/storm water is making your life miserable give Expert Plumbing Service a call. We can solve all of your storm water solutions.

Storm Drainage Backyard Storm Drain

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