Expert Plumbers Question of the Decade: "How Do We Remove Iron From Well Water?"

So You Want to Know How to Remove Iron from Well Water?

Rusty Water

Remove Iron From Well Water!

The bottom line is we have many communities in Will, Cook, Kankakee and DuPage counties that do not use Chicago water. They are on community wells or on private wells. The likelihood that a home in these areas is affected by iron, sulfur or even manganese is quite high. You can buy a water softener right? That will take the hardness out of the water, but it will do very little in the way of removing anything else, and could, in fact, decrease the efficiency of the water softener.

Quite a few homeowner just ignore the problem, scrubbing plumbing fixtures, bleaching clothes buying new ones and paying a bottled water company to drop off water you can actually drink.

Do You Have A Rotten Egg Smell in Your Water?

Quite often if your well is having iron issues your water may also smell like rotten eggs. This is dissolved hydrogen sulfide or “sulfur”. It’s basically decaying organic material entering your water table. Yummy right?

How About Manganese?

Do you have black stains on plumbing fixtures or appliances along with the red ones from the iron? If so you have manganese in your water and that’s a problem as well.

What Can You do to Treat Your Drinking Water Problems?

You can call us for some options, but we can tell you that there is one product you can have installed to take care of all three issues and more.

Iron Breaker III

One product to remove iron, sulfur and manganese

The Iron Break III takes care of all of the above in one product. It is also a whole house taste, sediment and odor filter. There is one more huge benefit that all the men out there will love, you never have to change a filter………ever. No more gross iron filled canister filters to change once every six months, once a month or, for example, in Frankfort, IL, once a week.

Call us at (815) 402-3856 for our Iron Break III special today.

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